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November 24, 2007



Holy Smokes Girl!! Those pictures are breath taking, some of the best family fun pictures and the ones of Delaney and Barrett are GORGEOUS!!! The picture of Barrett looking out the car door window is perfect! Loved all of them, especially the ones of your cute kiddos and your handsome husband ... dang girl you have a great looking family!


great shots!


Whoa! I read your blog regularly and it was so weird to see that you were in Siloam Srpings. I live about an hour and a half from there on the Arkansas side! Awesome pictures as always!

Tricia George

Hi Kristin, The photos of my grandkids were super. They are going to be hung in the hallway of my home. Monica and I went out the other day to pick up frames for them. Someday soon I want pictures of the kids with Mike and I in them.
I was looking at your new logo ideas and you wanted honest feedback. My favorite was the 2nd one but the "circle" at the bottom reminded me of Target. (sorry, probably only my opinion) You're doing beautiful work. Hope to see you again soon. Tricia

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