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November 30, 2007



my personal fav is number 2...

yes, I am a blog stalker...

You may recall (or not) I asked for your advice before I bought my Canon Rebel. I got it and love it and am having so much fun with it...

Thanks again...



I like #1, #3 and #5... your pictures look AWESOME! We are so happy with our cards, etc! Happy Holidays!


I like #1,#4,and #5.I like bold maybe with pink and brown? I like some thing that catches your eye from a distance.You do great work!and you've always had style.I'm glad you enjoy what you do!Keep up the good work!


Hi Kristin!
I like number 1 the best! I think it stands out nicely. And I like the green. :)


I like 3 and 4 the best, but they are all great. I guess it would really just depend on where exactly you are going to use the logo. Okay, going back into stalker mode now. ;0)

Jen from Windy Ridge



1 and 3 although the pink gets lost in the green. perhaps putting a fine brown outline on the pink font would make it stand out better and give it a nice look



Hey Kristin!
I like #1. Or a simplified version of #4 might be really nice!

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