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December 24, 2007



I would love to try your textures.... and have a wonderful Christmas! Josy


I'd love those textures...

Thank you...send 'em over...

I am so you make all of your own?




I like them too! Been meaning to comment you for a while, but the fall photo rush has been insane, and then we were out of town. Love your work!


Jen from Windy Ridge

I want them. great photos. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


I have been really wanting to try textures, and what a great start. I would love them!
Thank you!



hello! i would love to try your textures! keep up the great work!


Love them, Love them, Love them!! You are sooooooo TALENTED!!!!!


Looks like everyone had fun!

I'd love to try out the textures, thanks for offering to share!


Love the textures. I too have wanted to try them. Thanks for sharing!

Kim Boyd


I love the textures you made. I would love to have them because I got a new camera for Christmas!!!

Oh and I love the layette I wom from you!! TOO cute!!!


Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for offering to share your textures. I just got a Rebel XTi for Christmas & am so excited to start taking fabulous photos. Your pictures are amazing, btw. I've been a big fan of your style for quite some time.


You're pictures are amazing! Please share your textures. This is my first time viewing your photos, but I'll be coming back often for inspiration!

tara pollard pakosta

I just found your blog and have been going through the entire thing> it seems like i had seen your blog before, but with so many out there and my bookmarks never working to save it, i finally found it again>
would LOVE these textures if you are still giving them away> they are so cooL! your photography is OUT of this World awesome!

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